What is an OM Book™ ? Where do I find it?

What is an OM Book™ ? Where do I find it?

  1. At the beginning of each course, you will be given access to the Online Music Book or OM Book™, which is a digital text book that contains the entire learning material for the course you have enrolled for.

  2. OM Book™ is a wonderful tool. It has all the concepts explained, demonstrated, and sung by expert artists. You will have access to the OM Book™ during the entire duration of your course.

  3. It allows you to practice without inhibitions at any time.

  4. At the end of the explanation of each concept, you have practice exercises which can be recorded using the OM riyaaz recorder.

  5. The OM riyaaz recorder allows you to record your renditions and submit to the academy for immediate and detailed feedback

  6. OM Book™ can be found by following the steps below

    1. Login to www.shankarmahadevanacademy.com with your registered username and password

    2. If you have the class on the same day, you will have the OM BookTM option available next to “Join Class” button

    3. If you don’t have the class on the same day, please click on “My Courses” option on the left side of screen

    4. Click on the course for which you want to view the OM Book

    5. You will see an Option as ‘OM Book’

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