What is the Refund policy?

What is the Refund policy?

  • Courses which are 4 weeks in duration are not eligible for Refunds.

  • For courses with more than 4 weeks duration, following policies apply

    • Once the student has enrolled into the course, the course cannot be transferred to any other individual.

    • In this case, the student will need to opt for the refund and will be granted at the sole discretion of the Academy.

    • The amount refunded will be based on the following schedule, from the date the written refund request is received by the Academy:

            Date of refund request
                        % of Course Fees
24 hours after the first scheduled* class 
                           No Refund
Students who have attended Vidyaarambh/ SANGAM/ Other promotions
                           No Refund
28 days after course purchase
                           No Refund
Re-enrolled Students
                           No Refund
    • Scheduled class is the calendar date of the class and this will be the date honoured for all refunds whether the actual class takes place or not for various reasons
    • In addition to the above, all refunds are subject to a processing fee. The processing fee would vary based on the currency of payment.

      • USD 25

      • INR 750

      • EUR 25

      • GBP 35

      • NZD 32

    • Registration fee plus GST paid is non-refundable.

    • Requests for refunds need to be initiated within 28 days after the day of payment of the course fee. After 28 days from the date of enrollment, the entire course fee would be forfeited by the student.

    • Refunds for any taxes (GST, etc) would be withheld if the refund is claimed 5 working days after enrolment.

    • Re-enrolments are non-refundable and the course start date can be deferred ONLY once not beyond 4 weeks from the preselected (original) start date. The course fee will be forfeited 4 weeks after the original start date. 

  • For Self Study courses
    • Refund requests for self-study courses must be made in writing within 48 hours from the time of purchase.

    • If the student has activated one song in the course pack, they would be eligible for a refund of only 50% of the course fee.

    • No refund for students who have activated more than 1 song.

  • Before processing withdrawals, we would appreciate any feedback regarding the Academy. This can be emailed to feedback@shankarmahadevanacademy.com

  • For Availing Refund, please raise a ticket with us.

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