What is an add on class?

What is an add on class?

  1. Course curriculum is designed to cover all the lesson plans in 12 classes. 

  2. However, the Academy reserves the right to suggest add-on classes to students in order to achieve the desired learning outcome of the course and provide high quality learning.

  3. Instructors may recommend extra one-on-one sessions for a student with specific learning objectives.

  4. A student is required to complete these one-on-one sessions before a batch is considered closed.

  5. Add-on classes may be availed:

    1. By students who need or desire to spend more time in a course

    2. Students who have been absent for more than 2 classes

    3. If recommended by the Instructor to enable the student to learn specific concepts or compositions.

    4. A mutually convenient time slot will be scheduled for add-on classes.

  6. If the student fails to attend a scheduled add-on class, there will be no refunds or rescheduling of the add-on class(es).

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