How do I submit a practice recording?

How do I submit a practice recording?

  1. The OM Book™ has Practice Pages (labeled in Red in your Table of Contents), which include the video/audio and lyrics/notations along with an OM Riyaz recorder in the same page
  2. There are 2 ways in which you can submit a practice recording.
    1. To upload a recording saved on your computer
    2. To use OM Riyaz Recorder
  3. Please follow the steps below to submit your recording
    1. Login to our website with your registered username and password

    1. Once you have logged in, select the option “My Courses”

    1. Under My Courses, select the course for which you need to submit the Practice Recording
    2. Once the course has been selected you will be led to a screen as shown in the image below. Please select the OM Book tab

    1. This will lead you to the screen shown in the image below. Please select the lesson for which you need to submit the practice recording

    1. Once Chapter is Selected, please click on the Practice Page (labeled in Red)

    1. Once this page is selected, you will be asked for Microphone Access Permission for our website. Please click the allow button

    1. Once you have allowed the Microphone Access, click on the “OM Riyaaz” button which will lead you to the Practice Recorder

    1. As mentioned before you can either upload a recording or record using the recorder.
    2. For Uploading the file, please choose the Upload button for selecting the file to be uploaded. File formats supported are .mp3,.m4a,.wav. The maximum file size allowed is 20MB

    1. The file to be uploaded should be stored on the device
    2. Please select the file stored by using the option “Choose File”
    3. Once the file is selected, please click on the Upload Button

    1. This will ask for a confirmation of submission. Please make a note that for Instructor-Led Courses, we have 18 recordings per course that you can submit for review.

    1. Please select “Save” if you wish to save the recording and submit it later. Select “Save and Submit” if you wish to save and submit the recording for Instructor review.
    2. For Using the Practice recorder, please select the “Record” button

    1. Once selected, please Press the red button to start recording

    1. If you wish to pause the recording, press the pause button

    1. Once paused, you can listen to the recording by pressing the Play Button

    1. If you are satisfied with the submission, please press the “Stop” button to either “Save” or “Save and Submit”
    2. If you wish to reset the submission and submit again, please press the reset button

    1. This way the practice recording can be submitted

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