Does online learning actually work?

Does online learning actually work?

Shankar Mahadevan Academy has conducted over 2,00,000 live, online sessions and taught more than 8000 students through its online courses.

The curriculum is structured, milestone-based and was designed to be taught online, bearing in mind the traditional learning as well as modern pedagogical practices.
Technology is used to enhance the learning of the students, some of the learning tools are:
  • An Online Music Book (OM Book™) for learning and practicing concepts anytime during the course

  • Virtual class recordings available for a nominal fee that you can download and refer to in future

  • An OM Riyaz recorder that helps you submit your recordings to your instructors as you practice and do your regular “Riyaz” in between classes.

  • A detailed study plan for your lessons

  • Class notes at the end of each session to review what was covered in the session.

  • Assessments (for select certification courses) to keep a track of your progress in the course.

Learning online also has other benefits:
  • You can learn anytime, anywhere with an expert instructor and not worry about having to find one in your neighborhood

  • You save on travel time and costs

  • You can focus all your attention and energy on the class itself

  • Since it is a small batch with 45 minutes of intense learning, there are few distractions and you learn better and faster.

You may also use our interactive Course Selection Wizard which will enable you to select a course that is appropriate for you, your child, friends and family

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