Do I need any study materials?

Do I need any study materials?

The following student materials are provided by the Academy to all students

  • An Online Music Book - OM Book™. This contains all the learning materials for the course you have enrolled in including video and audio lessons, lyrics, notations and theory.

Please note: Students enrolled in Trinity College London courses need to purchase the requisite book. Check out the “Prerequisites” section of your courses for more information.

  • Virtual class recordings available for a nominal fee that you can download and refer to in future

  • An OM Riyaz recorder that helps you submit your recordings to your instructors as you practice and do your regular “Riyaz” in between classes.

  • A detailed study plan for your lessons

  • Class notes at the end of each session to review what was covered in the session.

  • Assessments (for select certification courses) to keep a track of your progress in the course.

  • Sur Sadhana -a free app from the Shankar Mahadevan Academy to help you learn and master the basics of Swaras.Sur Sadhana app is available for Android as well iOS

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